The Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry (KCMC) connects and networks academia and industry, facilitating collaborative R&D that can help companies to deliver accelerated innovation-to-market timescales.

The early days of the KCMC predominantly focussed on the founding research institution partners and companies with a base in the North West region of England. Our relationships with the Universities of Liverpool, Bolton, and Manchester and the STFC continue to grow, and we now work across numerous centres within the universities. Since 2009, we have built our business model and demonstrated its viability. We’ve shown the need for the centre and we’ve formed strong, truly collaborative partnerships. We’ve had success delivering projects to support growth in manufacturing and now, we are a proven, established national organisation.

We have worked closely with companies such as Victrex, Pilkington, AstraZeneca and Unilever, along with high impact, innovative SME’s from across the country. The capabilities of the KCMC are expanding both through investment in the current research partners, for example with the University of Liverpool investment in the Materials Innovation Factory and the National Graphene Institute at Manchester, and the addition of the new capabilities in catalysis through partnering with the Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI).

The KCMC is also growing by working closely with the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, another young organisation and a key player in the innovation landscape. This partnership is focused on developing collaborations closer to the market with higher Technology Readiness Levels. Leading examples are Bristol’s National Composites Centre and the Centre for Process Innovation on Teeside. And the new KTN organisation means that we’re bringing together more of the disciplines needed for new materials innovation. The relationship between KCMC and its collaborators continues to gather momentum – we are moving towards multidisciplinary working and facilitating knowledge sharing across a broader range of sectors and throughout the country.

Materials chemistry is key throughout the supply chain, from new materials to companies further downstream who are focussed on very specific innovations for a particular industry.

John Conti-Ramsden, Director of the KCMC

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