The KCMC has a measurable societal and economic impact across the UK research and innovation landscape

Knowledge Centre of Materials of Chemistry Inforgraphic impact
John Grasmeder

“KCMC offers a standout opportunity to both deepen and broaden our understanding of the needs of UK industry in new materials development and, crucially, to use this knowledge to develop a more strategic approach across multiple universities and academics.”

John GrasmederVictrex PLC
Robert Quarshie

“The KCMC provides a unique opportunity to align the expertise and capabilities of two of the UK’s great science communities to accelerate the development and exploitation of novel materials by UK industries.”

Robert QuarshieKnowledge Transfer Network
Mike Turner

“The KCMC creates a dialogue between industry and academia, breaking down the barriers that can exist between them, and facilitating the delivery of a successful project for all involved.”

Mike TurnerUniversity of Manchester
Su Varma

“Having an organisation like the KCMC dramatically speeds up the process of innovation.”

Su VarmaNSG Pilkington
Professor Paul Chalker

“Our work with the KCMC has enabled us to grow a portfolio of repeat collaborators and longer term research projects.”

Professor Paul ChalkerUniversity of Liverpool
Andy Creeth

“The KCMC understands what industry is about – it’s flexible, cost effective, and responsive and has a fantastic science base.”

Andy CreethACAL Energy
Harry Swan

“The KCMC is playing a critical part in ensuring the work done by the top-notch academics is turned into economic growth.”

Harry SwanThomas Swan & Co. Ltd
Dick Elsy

“The KCMC is a great example of the flourishing network in the UK which is galvanizing industry towards manufacturing value added growth.”

Dick ElsyHVM Catapult

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